Under the weather

I am the one usually making fun of the others falling more or less regularly to the seasonal flu. At most, I end up with a couple of days of some kind of cold and that’s it. NOT. THIS. TIME. This time it’s been a super-long-and-boring week of me stranded at home. At first is annoying, then you appreciate luxuries such as watching  the last episode of The Walking Dead at 11AM *in the morning*.   Anyhow. The expression “under the weather” made me think of how difficult I find to shoot decent pictures in the rain. The light is always so dull and diffuse.   The only options to shoot good photos in the rain are two, in my opinion: (1) being a good photographer – not my case 🙂 and (2) having an awesome subject to shoot – and that’s the case here, beloved Brooklyn Bridge 🙂