a golden hue

Today I spent a few minutes chit-chatting with a colleague about photography (He’s really good at it btw). I happened to realize that the good time to do the things that I love most is now. I just have to take the time that I need. Procrastination is really my worst enemy. That and a slight tendency to delusion 🙂

So today I post a pic  that reminds me of a surreal experience in a very hot summer day last year. More than ten years had passed since last time I saw this bright golden orange fabric reflecting the sunlight at me. From the freezing New York winter to the hazy days of summer in Lake Iseo. I found it very difficult to take photos, with all that haze and glare. It was so humid that one could barely walk, and, despite this, thousands of people were walking right in the middle of water, on the floating piers. Crazy and moving, like most collective experiences.